Bail Bonds FAQs

Have you found yourself recently dealing with a legal battle for yourself or someone else? If so, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, as people rarely know much about bail bonds unless they themselves or someone they love has been arrested. This often means that the same questions are asked over and over again, so let’s go over some frequently asked questions about bailbonds Santa Barbara agents get almost every day.

What do I need to know before I call a bail bondsman?

There is some pertinent information that you will want to have when speaking with a professional bail bondsmen, such as where the person is being held while they are in custody. You will also need to know the person’s full name as well as their booking number, which allows the bail agent to get in contact with the jail. You should also know the full bail amount before contacting a bail agent like Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara.

Will I get any of my money returned after the case?

There are very few exceptions to this rule, but typically you will not get back what you have paid to the bail bonds agent you work with. This is a fee that you have paid to remove the defendant from jail, which the bail bondsmen must do in order to earn this payment. If the professional does not hold up their end of the agreement, you may receive some form of compensation.

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What can be accepted as collateral?

Many things can be accepted as collateral depending on the individual agent, but some common examples include gift cards, real estate properties, jewelry, bank accounts, and more.

When an individual is arrested, there is a lot that can cross your mind and cause worries and apprehension. By learning more about bail bonds, you can tackle obstacles with more knowledge and success.