Preventing Ticks

Ticks are dangerous creatures that we need to avoid all together.  These creatures spread disease and sickness.  Ticks are insects that are food for small birds and other creatures, and other than encouraging animals that eat them to visit your yard, tick prevention princeton services are the best way to get rid of them.

Stay away from tall grass and water

Tall grass and water are where many ticks like to live.  There are many different types of ticks that live in different environments, but for the most part tall grass and water are their main breeding grounds.  If you are going to travel through the woods, you will also want to be aware of ticks.  Ticks live under rocks and in other areas that are cool. 

A tick doesn’t jump or fly.  They will lay in wait for you to get close enough for them to move.  When they do move, they will attach themselves to you by biting you.  For most people, they will never feel the bite of a tick.  When a tick bites they release a numbing agent that cloaks their arrival.

tick prevention princeton

Check yourself

You want to check yourself before and after venturing out into the wilderness.  You want to look on your arms, back, legs, hair, neck and intimate areas.  When checking yourself you want to check others as well.  For pets, you want to really check their fur and hair.  If a tick bites your pet they have no way of telling you.


To get rid of ticks you want to have the area sprayed.  This spray will start to kill the ticks as well as affect their environment.  If the ticks are not killed by the poison the environment will become affected causing them to leave.  When spraying you want to use environmentally safe chemicals.  If these chemicals are harmful they will eventually wash back into our homes and water.