When Do You Need To Get Tooth Extraction? 

Ouch! Feel that pain in your teeth? It might be a sign that you require a tooth extraction. In case you’re wondering, tooth extraction is a dental procedure of removing a tooth from its socket. It’s recommended by the dentist if there are any signs of decay, issue, etc., to your teeth or gums.

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When do you know that you need an extraction? Well, there can be many instances that might require you to get a tooth extraction. However, don’t stress, you can easily get a tooth extraction procedure st petersburg fl done by qualified dentists.

Here are some of the common instances wherein you’ll be required to get a tooth extraction:

Severe tooth decay

Perhaps one of the top reasons for tooth extraction is the decay reaching the pulp or the center of your tooth. The bacteria which cause decay can attack the pulp and cause an infection. However, a root canal may be performed in such a case not when the condition is severe.

You might require tooth extraction to stop the infection from spreading to the other teeth.

Impacted tooth

You might also need a tooth extraction if one of your teeth is impacted, i.e., prevented from coming out of the gum. This is mostly done for wisdom teeth. You might be recommended an extraction to prevent infection and damage to nearby teeth.

Overcrowding of teeth

Did you know that you might also need to resort to tooth extraction if you have crowded teeth? You might need to undergo this procedure if there is not enough room for your teeth to move or realign.

You might need it if there is less space to treat the alignment and straighten your teeth.

Bad accident

In case you ruin your pearly whites in an accident, you can also require a tooth extraction. If the damage to your teeth is beyond an extent, you might require the procedure to take care of it.